Welcome at De Stempelwinkel (The Stampshop). On our site you will find a large assortment of stamps and accessories. Please note that all stamps are unmounted! Take a look around and feel free to send us, apart from your order, your questions and remarks. 

When you want to print your order, be sure to click the "send" button once again after printing, because when you don't we will not receive your order. The program will send you an automatic confirmation of your order, but please wait for my personal mail that will tell you if everything you ordered is in stock and also how to make an international payment. Attention: my e-mail can be hidden in your spam-folder or the "unwanted e-mail" folder.

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The shop will be closed from 28 september till 20 october because of vacation and Paper Passion in Tilburg (18 till 20 october). Internetorders will be handles from 15 october onwards.

The shop will be closed from 30 oktober till 3 november because of Kreativ-Welt in Frankfurt.
Internetorders will be handled from 6 november onwards.